Me In Characters Book Tag

Whilst doing my monthly scroll through the Book Tags, I came across the Me In Characters Book Tag over on lifehasafunnywayofsneakinguponyou. The premise is simple, think of five characters in literature that represent different facets of your personality, and explain why you feel emotionally connected to them. This sounds like it could get deep really … More Me In Characters Book Tag

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Fictional BFFs

July 25: Top Ten Fictional BFFs When I was thinking about this prompt it occured to me (sadly) just how few books that I’ve read feature friendships that don’t turn into something romantic, especially in YA literature. Please address this issue publishing industry! 1. Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger (Harry Potter and the … More Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Fictional BFFs

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books Set In Multiple Countries

August 16: Top Ten Books Set In Multiple Countries This week’s prompt was to do with settings: I love books that feature travel in some form or another, so decided to incorporate the two. Most of these books jump between countries as an important plot device (though one – I’m looking at you Gorsky – merely … More Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books Set In Multiple Countries

Birthstone Book Tag

I saw this tag over on sherlockianbooklover and decided to make it my May book tag. I completed this months tag using twelve different authors for the twelve months (even though it is entirely possible that I could have used Harry Potter for every answer!) January – Garnet. Associated with warding off negative forces and … More Birthstone Book Tag