I Spy Book Tag

April: the clocks have changed and summer is on its way. Goodbye snow, hello sun (hopefully). This month’s tag comes courtesy of Songs Wrote My Story, and it looks super fun (and rather intense given the time limit). With the exception of number 6, for obvious reasons, my list is entirely TBR focused, as I … More I Spy Book Tag

The Nope Book Tag

March, I’m sure you were supposed to bring with you slightly milder days, not these on-off-on again snow storms, but at least you’ve been interesting. This month’s book tag comes courtesy of Lost in Pages and it pretty much accurately represents my feelings about the current weather systems: nope. Spring, I am so ready for you! 1. … More The Nope Book Tag

Me In Characters Book Tag

Whilst doing my monthly scroll through the Book Tags, I came across the Me In Characters Book Tag over on lifehasafunnywayofsneakinguponyou. The premise is simple, think of five characters in literature that represent different facets of your personality, and explain why you feel emotionally connected to them. This sounds like it could get deep really … More Me In Characters Book Tag