Book Haul: May 2018

To put it simply, my resolution of buying fewer books failed abysmally in May, but I have no regrets, just look at that beautiful collection of new books (I’d insert the hearts eyes emoji here if I could!) Even more excitingly, seven of this month’s haul are signed first editions, and you all know how much … More Book Haul: May 2018

Book Haul: April 2018

Following the blip that was my March 2018 Book Haul, I appear to be back on track with my bookish resolution of buying fewer books. Only three novels came into my possession this month, two of them signed, and one to add to my ever-expanding Jack Reacher collection. To be honest, I’d call that a resounding … More Book Haul: April 2018

I Spy Book Tag

April: the clocks have changed and summer is on its way. Goodbye snow, hello sun (hopefully). This month’s tag comes courtesy of Songs Wrote My Story, and it looks super fun (and rather intense given the time limit). With the exception of number 6, for obvious reasons, my list is entirely TBR focused, as I … More I Spy Book Tag

‘Further Confessions of a GP’ by Dr. Benjamin Daniels [Book Review]

We are now nearing the end of April and I’ve only just finished my 3rd book of the year and the 2018 Reading Challenge. This reading slump has really hit me hard, and it appears to be sticking around for the foreseeable future, especially when it comes to reading fiction, so as a form of respite … More ‘Further Confessions of a GP’ by Dr. Benjamin Daniels [Book Review]

‘1984’ by George Orwell [Book Review]

Somehow it’s April, and I’ve only just finished my second book of the year and the 2018 Reading Challenge. Regardless, things are kicking back into action now with the imminent start of my MA English dissertation, which I have (loosely and theoretically at the moment) decided to base on twentieth century dystopian fiction. As such, today … More ‘1984’ by George Orwell [Book Review]

Book Haul: March 2018

Following an incredibly restrained January (five books) and February (three), this month’s haul (fifteen) definitely looks more like the old me. Although my bookish resolution to control my book buying took a bit of a hit, I am incredibly excited by many of the beautiful literary works that made their way into my possession. Most excited to … More Book Haul: March 2018