‘All My Friends Are Superheroes’ by Andrew Kaufman [Book Review]

With only days left of the 2017 Reading Challenge, today I finished reading what I can only presume will be my shortest book of the year: All My Friends Are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman. I bent the rules slightly with the category of #43 A book with a family member term in the title, but given … More ‘All My Friends Are Superheroes’ by Andrew Kaufman [Book Review]

‘Reasons To Stay Alive’ by Matt Haig [Book Review]

Happy Christmas Eve! It’s hard to believe that not only is it Christmas tomorrow, but that a week today it’ll be New Years Eve and the very last day of the 2017 Reading Challenge. Today I finished my 8th book of the month/50th read of the year (only two to go to complete my challenge!) and … More ‘Reasons To Stay Alive’ by Matt Haig [Book Review]

‘The Christmasaurus’ by Tom Fletcher [Book Review]

Today, after more than a year of dipping in and out of its pages, I finally finished The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher for the 2017 Reading Challenge. Despite being a children’s book, I had difficulty in reading the prose, (I think due to its musically-lilting writing style) so I switched to audiobook yesterday, and devoured the … More ‘The Christmasaurus’ by Tom Fletcher [Book Review]

‘Goodnight, Boy’ by Nikki Sheehan [Book Review]

One of many proof copies that I picked up this year at YALC was Goodnight, Boy by Nikki Sheehan. I hadn’t heard of this particular book, but upon further inspection I noticed that it had been blurbed by one of my favourite authors, Sarah Crossan, so I dived into the novel for the 2017 Reading Challenge. … More ‘Goodnight, Boy’ by Nikki Sheehan [Book Review]