‘Flight Risk’ by Dr. Stephanie Green [Book Review]

I’ve just finished my second read in as many days; clearly the sunshine in France is doing wonders for my aptitude to devour books. Today’s offering, medical memoir Flight Risk by Dr. Stephanie Green, was quite different to the crime/thriller novel I reviewed yesterday, Nomad by James Swallow, but it was no less enthralling.

Title: Flight Risk
Author: Dr. Stephanie Green
Released: 2018
Pages: 304
Rating: 6/10

“There’s an element in some people with a personality disorder that compels them to continually test the people around them; pushing them away to see just how far they can be pushed. Success in doing so will then confirm their belief that they are unlovable.”

I do love a medical drama, whether it’s on the page or the screen, so when I heard about ‘Flight Risk’, reading it was a no brainer. The biography of a doctor at Heathrow, the non-fiction work explains the highs and lows of being the first responder at Europe’s busiest airport. Dealing with everything from drug smuggling to on board fatalities, this proved to be a very interesting and informative work about the hidden world of Heathrow Airport.

Whilst the individual anecdotes of the passengers were entertaining and sometimes upsetting, the author also incorporated the work/life balance into her narrative, by mentioning her young family, which added a level of humility that was probably necessary. A quick, easy read if you’re a fan of medical memoirs.

Every time I finish a book like Flight Risk I’m always left wanting more, and I often struggle to find it. If you’ve got any recommendations for similar non-fiction titles (think Confessions of a GP by Dr. Benjamin Daniels), please leave a comment down below.

Now that I’m well and truly out of my reading slump, and acquainted with blogging, I’m excited to see what books the next few weeks and months are going to bring me.

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