‘Nomad’ by James Swallow [Book Review]

On my sunbed (which as usual is currently situated in the shade) in France, I finished my first book since February, a fact which fills me with both shock and horror. It’s fair to say that, as stipulated in my recent post A Long Overdue Wrap-Up, I had become disillusioned and disinterested in the process of reading, or more accurately reading with certain goals in mind, be that a numerical target on Goodreads, or rating and reviewing completed books on my blog. As such, the entire process fell away; though I am happy to report that it, and I, am back on track once more.

Title: Nomad
Author: James Swallow
Released: 2016
Pages: 487
Rating: 6/10

“Speed and confidence were key. If you were fast enough, if you seemed assured about it, you could get a long way before someone looking right at you caught what you were doing.”

I picked this novel up on the pretext that it was recommended for fans of ‘I Am Pilgrim’ by Terry Hayes, which is quite possibly my favourite thriller of all time, however, the comparison proved to be a disservice to the epic tale. ‘Nomad’, unfortunately, turned out to be a pretty generic thriller, featuring a dull main character, and predictable plot twists.

There were a number of loose ends that weren’t tied up, which was a shame given the plot itself had scores of potential to be developed. Sadly, I think the disillusioned similarity between ‘Nomad’ and ‘I Am Pilgrim’ proved to be this novel’s downfall, as I was expecting a vast amount more action, and unexpected turns.

Despite the slight disappointment that my return to reading was not brought about by an outstanding book, I am content in the knowledge that I did enjoy this read, and it proved to be an easy and relatively enjoyable novel. Yes, the hero was a bit of a damp squib, and the plot could have been executed much better, but it was fast-paced and had me wanting more.

So, here’s me attesting to wanting more once again. More books. More reviews. Just more (like I wish ‘Nomad’ had).

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