‘Further Confessions of a GP’ by Dr. Benjamin Daniels [Book Review]

We are now nearing the end of April and I’ve only just finished my 3rd book of the year and the 2018 Reading Challenge. This reading slump has really hit me hard, and it appears to be sticking around for the foreseeable future, especially when it comes to reading fiction, so as a form of respite I decided it would be prudent to read some non-fiction, in the form of Further Confessions of a GP by Dr. Benjamin Daniels. Having read and enjoyed Confessions of a GP in 2016, I thought that it might be the perfect book to drag me out of my slump.

Title: Further Confessions of a GP
Author: Dr. Benjamin Daniels
Released: 2013
Pages: 336
Category: #16 A book about mental health
Rating: 4/10

“Simply living in the UK makes us among the luckiest people on the planet. Regardless of the constant talk of economic downturns and double-dip recessions, we still live in a time and place in which the vast majority of us have food, shelter and safety almost guaranteed.”

The follow-up to the bestselling Confessions of a GP, this second volume includes further amusing, scary, and sometimes unsettling anecdotes about the profession. Written by a real doctor (using a pseudonym), it showcases the day-to-day life of a general practitioner, and just how varied it can be.

Whilst not as interesting or entertaining as its predecessor, this was still a largely light-hearted read, and one that made me very proud of the NHS and its staff.

Covering a vast array of medical topics, mental health included, this follow-up was, unfortunately, profoundly disappointing. There were a few stories that made me giggle, but nothing compared to the first book. That being said, it was the perfect dip-in-dip-out of read, and proved to be ideal in easing me back into reading. I’m hopeful that it brings with it the return of reading for pleasure.

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