‘Second Best Friend’ by Non Pratt [Book Review]

A new year, a new reading challenge: say hello to the 2018 Reading Challenge! As always, I am incredibly excited about having a clean slate, but unlike previous years I am not reading with the explicit intention of completing the challenge, but simply to have fun.

I cannot believe that it’s going to be February later this week and I’ve only just today finished my first book of the year. I can only presume that I am suffering from burnout due to marathoning ten books during December. Regardless, I read (and enjoyed) one of my most anticipated releases of 2018: Second Best Friend by Non Pratt.

Title: Second Best Friend
Author: Non Pratt
Released: 2018
Pages: 137
Category: #30 A book with characters who are twins
Rating: 6/10

“There are some things better left unsaid, even to your best mate.”

Jade and Becky have been best friends for years, but when they are unexpectedly pitted against one another in a school election, they are forced to spend time apart and directly compete against each other. For Jade, this means seeing her friendship with Becky in a whole different light. Where she was once in her best friend’s shadow, she is now suddenly the centre of attention, which causes conflict between the pair and their classmates.

This is a relevant story about not comparing yourself to others, being true to yourself and your beliefs, and the importance of friendship. It also prominently features topics such as the negatives surrounding the rise of social media, and the ease with which secrets and rumours can spread.

As a novel, it is a fast-paced, free-flowing and easily accessible book, primarily targeted at (in my opinion) the younger side of its young adult target audience.

Whilst I did enjoy this read, sadly it was not the book that I had been desperately hoping for. I adored Non’s previous novel, Unboxed, so much, and it resonated with me to such a degree that perhaps I had unachievable expectations. Despite this, it is undeniably a fun and impassioned book revolving around school politics, that will hopefully appeal to many school-aged readers.

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