Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookish Resolutions

January 16: Top Ten Bookish Resolutions
When it comes to my reading habits, I consider myself to read widely by both genre and release date, which is my ultimate goal (other than the actual physical act of reading of course), but there are a number of book and blog related resolutions that I intend to make (and keep) going into the new year.

1. Be less numbers focused
Book blogging (and all its various social media subsidiaries) is inherently numbers based. Although not specifically competitive, there is a not so hidden pressure to read all the books: number of books read in any given period, completing reading challenges, sprints, readathons etc. It gets stressful. After several years in the cycle, I’ve decided simply to read because I want to. *and breathe*

2. Re-read old favourites
With all the pressures of reading challenge categories, ARCs, and new releases, sometimes I forget that one of purposes of reading is to discover new favourite books, in the knowledge that you can go back and relive them again and again. To prove my point, I only re-read three books (of fifty-two reads) in 2017, which is shameful. More specifically, I want to re-read The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger and Checkmate by Malorie Blackman in 2018.

3. Buy fewer books
This one will please my parents, my bookshelves, and my bank balance! I have so many unread books that my TBR is overflowing, so I’m going to try and avoid those tempting Buy One Get One Half Price offers, and instead only buy books I genuinely have been anticipating reading.

4. Read books as soon as I buy them
Following on from my last point, I am terrible at buying new releases that I have been looking forward to for months, then just putting them on my bookshelves to gather dust. No more.

5. Get back into Bookstagram
I was so on it in 2016, but last year fell by the wayside. I want to be up to date on all my photos as my blog posts go live (and catch up on all the ones I missed in 2017).

6. DNF books/remove them from my Goodreads Currently Reading
The number of books I’ve been “currently reading” for the past year has been hovering around the 20 book mark, and that is just insane, even by my standards. Some of the ones currently residing on that list I am never going to read, so I just need to make a clean break.

7. Comment on other blog posts/Bookstagrams/Tweets
I’m not very good at interacting with other bloggers, even though I love receiving comments myself, so I’m going to make a concerted effort to tell others how awesome their content is.

8. Blog springclean
New year, new blog appearance I think. This one might take me a while to perfect, but it’s going to happen shortly.

9. Go to more author events
YALC aside, I want to go to some more signings/discussions in 2018. In previous years, I went to many events, and they are so much fun so I want to make this a priority once again.

10. Complete my library
I finally had my library/study (yes, an entire room filled with books) built in September, but I need to hang some prints/re-sort my shelves/buy some cute bookish merch, because aesthetic is everything.

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8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookish Resolutions

  1. Re-reading is important to me every year, because I love having a Harry Potter ‘recap’! Buying fewer books is another one I’m trying to stick to as well (although I’m not doing to well so far!) I’m also gonna try interacting more with the book community on social media. I already bookstagram a lot, but not commenting as much as I feel I should, and Twitter is somewhere I need to be more proactive as well! Great post, good luck with your goals! Here’s my TTT:

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