‘Reasons To Stay Alive’ by Matt Haig [Book Review]

Happy Christmas Eve! It’s hard to believe that not only is it Christmas tomorrow, but that a week today it’ll be New Years Eve and the very last day of the 2017 Reading Challenge. Today I finished my 8th book of the month/50th read of the year (only two to go to complete my challenge!) and it was a good one: Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig.

Title: Reasons To Stay Alive
Author: Matt Haig
Released: 2015
Pages: 266
Category: #20 A book with career advice
Rating: 7/10


“One cliché attached to bookish people is that they are lonely, but for me books were my way out of being lonely. If you are the type of person who thinks too much about stuff then there is nothing lonelier in the world than being surrounded by a load of people on a different wavelength.”

Reasons To Stay Alive is equal part memoir and self-help book. It’s author, having suffered from severe mental health issues and suicidal thoughts in his mid-20s, reflects on his personal experience of depression and anxiety. 

Despite its dark themes, the book is actually incredibly uplifting, and it features some wonderful life advice that everyone could find benefit in listening to and acting upon. It’s certainly a book that I will return to time and time again, and no doubt glean new insights into the importance of self-care.

This book was a very powerful read, and it addressed serious themes and issues surrounding the stigma of mental health. As a memoir, it showed that it is possible to survive (and thrive) depression, even though on your darkest days everything feels hopeless; as a self-help book, it incorporated some incredible insights into everything from family and home life, to jobs and career prospects, to downtime and unwinding, all of which contribute towards an individual’s mental health. It truly is a fabulous, if short and chatty, read.

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