‘This Mortal Coil’ by Emily Suvada [Book Review]

Whilst on holiday in Greece last month, I began reading an ARC I had been saving for my trip abroad: This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada for the 2017 Reading Challenge. Having picked up a proof copy at YALC (thanks, Penguin!) I was immediately intrigued by the premise: DNA/coding is something I’ve not heard much about, let alone in a YA novel. Well, I absolutely was not disappointed!

Title: This Mortal Coil
Author: Emily Suvada
Released: 2017
Pages: 450
Category: #23 A book with a red spine
Rating: 9/10

“But when you love someone for their mind, you can’t expect that their heart will belong to you too.”*

In a world in ruins due to a global outbreak of a killer virus, expert coder Catarina is unexpectedly tasked with unlocking a vaccine to save the human race. With the help of her childhood friend Dax, and soldier Cole, the three must infiltrate the political system and unite the citizens. 

Not since The Hunger Games trilogy have I been so absolutely absorbed by a dystopian/sci-fi concept. The plot is far more intricate and educationally advanced than similar novels, and the vast majority of questions were wonderfully addressed, leaving just enough threads to be developed in the sequel.

*quoted from advanced reader copy, published quote may differ

The characters in this book were all well fleshed out, and the plot was full of twists, turns and shocking suspense. It also challenges perceptions about humanity, and what it is that makes us tick. I absolutely loved this novel, and I cannot wait for the sequel.

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