‘Doing It!’ by Hannah Witton [Book Review]

Following an impressive reading month in September, October has begun positively; today I finished Doing It! by Hannah Witton for the 2017 Reading Challenge. I like to read a smattering of non-fiction books in amongst my typical fiction, and this was a great inclusion in that particular category.

Title: Doing It!
Author: Hannah Witton
Released: 2017
Pages: 320
Category: #60 A non-fiction book
Rating: 7/10


“Live your life the way that you want to and along the way you’ll meet people trying to do the same thing.”

This informative book covers a wide breadth of relationship related topics, including love, sex, and contraception. Aimed at young teenagers, it is wildly more in depth than anything with a similar target audience; it addresses common questions and inaccurate myths in a straightforward, honest and accessible manner.

As a renowned YouTuber on the subject of sex and relationships, the book is also written as an autobiographical account of the author’s personal experiences, and as a result is full of both amusing anecdotes and important information.

Whilst I am usually reluctant to recommend anything to an entire group of people, I genuinely believe that there is useful advice for teens and young adults alike in this book: it is funny and unashamedly honest, and I think that it’s great that such information can be accessed in an open, safe and appropriate manner.

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