‘We Come Apart’ by Sarah Crossan and Brian Conaghan [Book Review]

Having read a couple of Sarah Crossan books, and having heard her speak on a couple of panels this year (YALC and LBF), whilst at the former I was introduced to her latest offering; We Come Apart, co-authored with Brian Conaghan. Obviously I bought a copy, and had it signed whilst I had the chance, before delving into another beautiful volume for the 2017 Reading Challenge.

Title: We Come Apart
Author: Sarah Crossan and Brian Conaghan
Released: 2017
Pages: 324
Category: #8 A book with multiple authors
Rating: 7/10

“We come together.


we come apart.”

Co-authored by Sarah Crossan and Brian Conaghan, this novel is told in free verse from the dual perspectives of Jess and Nico. When the two become unlikely but firm friends following incidents of youth related crime, they find solace in one another. The story follows their budding relationship, and explores themes such as racism and abuse. As with any other Sarah Crossan books I’ve read, it is a dark yet uplifting read, and firmly cements the value of love and friendship.

I did have a slight issue in getting into this book, given that Nico is an immigrant and his dialogue is written more or less phonetically, but once I got past that small barrier I fell in love with both characters. Jess and Nico have such a pure relationship – it was refreshing – despite their turbulent backgrounds. Once again Sarah Crossan delivered, and having never read anything by Brian Conaghan before, I’m excited to explore him as an individual author.

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