‘Otherworld’ by Jason Segal and Kirsten Miller [Book Review]

Whilst at YALC last month, I managed to get my hands on an incredible number of ARCs, one of which (that I was incredibly excited about) was Otherworld be Jason Segal and Kirsten Miller. I hadn’t heard about this novel until the convention, but the premise instantly grabbed my attention, and the story itself didn’t disappoint: I devoured it on holiday in France for the 2017 Reading Challenge.

Title: Otherworld
Author: Jason Segal and Kirsten Miller
Released: 2017
Pages: 355
Category: #7 A book that is a story within a story
Rating: 8/10

“Real people rarely do what you wish they would do. But that’s what makes an unexpected kiss behind a high school dumpster so damn magical.”*

Simon, an unpopular and rebellious high school student, steals his mother’s credit card in order to purchase the beta version of a new gaming system, Otherworld, where participants leave their physical bodies and step, quite literally, into the virtual reality. His desire to enter the game is primarily due to his best friend, Kat, an avid video game fan who mysteriously stopped speaking to him. With the intention of discovering why, Simon launches himself into Otherworld.

The book flits between the real and the virtual world, with each possessing their own unique challenges. This isn’t just a sci-fi/gaming novel, there is also an interesting mystery plot running through both worlds. It is action-packed, and full of interesting psychological questions about human nature and ethics.

*quoted from advanced reader copy, published quote may differ

The characters in the novel are all interesting and multilayered, and the story is so fast-paced that I raced through the pages. I absolutely loved this story, and am already eagerly anticipating the sequel, Otherearth, which is due to be released next autumn. Not only did I enjoy this book on its own merit, it has also introduced me to a new genre that I fully intend to delve into!

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