‘The Exact Opposite of Okay’ by Laura Steven [Book Review]

Fresh from an incredible weekend at YALC, snowed under a brand new pile of books, I have a whole armful of ARCs to dive into over the summer: yay! One that I was incredibly excited to read after hearing it hyped was The Exact Opposite of Okay by Laura Steven, which I proceeded to devoured in two days for the 2017 Reading Challenge. The hype didn’t lie. It is incredible.

Title: The Exact Opposite of Okay
Author: Laura Steven
Released: 2018
Pages: 337
Category: #55 A YA feminist novel
Rating: 8/10

“One moment can change everything, and that’s the most terrifying thing in the world.”*

When Izzy, a self-assured, hilarious, aspiring comic is caught up in a sex scandal with a politician’s son, she is forced to address the situation head on. The main character is wonderfully strong willed from the off, a rarity in YA, but finds herself questioning everything she thought she knew. Additionally, Izzy’s friends, teachers and gran are an eclectic cast of characters, and are all wonderfully developed through Izzy’s eyes.

The scenario of revenge porn is something I’ve never read about in young adult fiction, but with the current technological age, it is becoming more commonplace in society, so it was great to read about in literature.

*quoted from advanced reader copy, published quote may differ

As much as I adored this book, I cannot believe that it isn’t out until 2018! That means there are very few people with whom I can discuss this wonderful story: thank goodness for the internet. What really made this novel so amazing was both the passionate main character, who unashamedly fights for what she believes in, as well as the author’s bravery in tackling what is perhaps a taboo subject in YA novels. I can’t wait for it’s release in March so people can start talking about this brilliant book.

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