Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Favourite Places To Read

July 18: Top Ten Favourite Places To Read
Until I wrote this particular blog post I had never really considered where I do my reading, all I was aware of was that I read whenever and wherever I could. However, there are a number of obvious places where I love to relax and read.

1. In bed
I would estimate that I get approximately 80% of my day-to-day reading done in bed. I cuddle up with my duvet, enough cushions to veritably drown beneath, and maybe a hot drink and I’m good to go. In bed I favour listening to audiobooks and reading my Kindle rather than physical books.

2. On the sofa
Again, a similar set up to in bed, but swap the duvet for some cosy blankets and I’m in business. I tend to read on the sofa during the daylight hours, and prefer a good paperback.

3. In coffee shops
On a rainy day there is little better than nabbing my favourite seat in my favourite shop, grabbing a grande decaf vanilla soy latte with whipped cream *I know, I know*, and reading a cute YA or rom-com on my Kindle.

4. On a sunbed
I usually get a lot of reading done on holiday, in the shade in warmer climes, with a mocktail or three.

5. Sitting on the floor
If I’m doing something like cleaning my room (rare) or rearranging my bookcases (less rare), I usually play an audiobook and devour a story.

6. In the bath
I’m not a regular frequenter of the bath, but on the rare occasion that I fancy a soak in the tub I pop on an audiobook and just relax for 15-20 minutes.

7. In the car
I spend a lot of time in the car; I’m often travelling somewhere far afield, so I while away the hours with a paperback, my Kindle, or an audiobook, whichever takes my fancy.

8. On trains
If I’m heading to or from London, I can usually get a solid amount of reading done on those journeys.

9. Surrounded by a beautiful view
In a garden in France, or on the beach in front of the sea, what could be better than reading accompanied by the great outdoors?

10. Literally anywhere else
With audiobooks I am never without a book: walking the dog, waiting in airports (when I’m not freaking out about impending flights), or waiting to meet friends in town, the possibilities are endless.

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