‘Life and Death’ by Stephenie Meyer [Book Review]

When I heard a couple of years ago that Stephenie Meyer had written a new book in the Twilight universe, I was insanely excited, even when I found out that it was Life and Death, a gender flipped retelling of the first novel. Despite taking me more than a while to read, today I finally finished what is probably one of the weirdest books I’ve ever read, for the 2017 Reading Challenge.

Title: Life and Death
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Released: 2015
Pages: 387
Category: #54 A book with antonyms in the title
Rating: 6/10

“The memories were better than any reality I would see today.”

Just when you think you know Twilight, Stephenie Meyer pulls the rug out from under your feet. Pitched as Twilight reimagined, this retelling is essentially a gender-flipped version of the bestselling story.

Beau moves to rainy Forks, Washington, where he becomes involved with stunningly beautiful vampire, Edith. The love story is more or less the same: Beau is self-sufficient yet clumsy, Edith is overbearing and protective (and similar character traits are found amongst the rest of the reassigned cast).

The beginning of the novel was strangely addictive, but my fascination soon wavered once I realised that I was essentially reading the exact same story. However, the ending literally made my jaw drop, so in all honesty it’s worth reading just for the alternate ending.

When I began reading the novel I was instantly hooked, albeit slightly confused by both the gender swap and the point of the story. However, it wasn’t until I downloaded the audiobook that I really started flying through it: questions were asked and answered, and I found myself emotionally attached to our new protagonist, Beau, much more so than Bella. Whilst it was one of the strangest reading experiences of my life, it was certainly entertaining. Now, if we could just have Twilight #5, that would be great!

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