Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Things On My Reading Wish List

May 9: Top Ten Things On My Reading Wish List
There are too many things on my reading wish list – I suppose I could’ve listed physical objects: new books, bookcases, bookish swag, but instead I focused primarily on the abstract concepts literature addresses.

1. LGBT characters whose sexual orientation isn’t the plot of the novel
Can’t we just have some characters who simply are gay but we just get on with the story? I swear it never happens! The only example I can think of isn’t even from a novel – Clarke from The 100 TV series – she’s bisexual but it’s never mentioned, nor is it an issue.

2. More parents/elders present in YA
Seriously, where are they all? Too many books star orphaned children, or if they do live with adults they seem mysteriously absent. They don’t even need to play a significant role, it would just be nice (and more accurate) to witness their presence.

3. Cut the filler
One of my major reading pet-peeves is waffle: please can we just condense a 500 page book into 300? There’s no need for such tomes, especially in contemporary.

4. More male/female friendships, and friendships that take precedent over relationships
Fewer relationships, more friendships. I swear they are underrepresented in literature.

5. More multiple POV, multiple author novels
I really like reading books written by more than one author, especially when each author is responsible for a different character’s point of view – think Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares, How To Be Bad etc.

6. Fewer happy endings
How does the girl always get the guy? Why does good always overpower evil? Sometimes these things don’t happen, and it would be nice to experience it in literature.

7. Longer sentences
I really don’t like short, snappy sentences: give me a dozen commas any day. I find books much easier to digest when the syntax flows.

8. Fewer love triangles/squares/octagons
Primarily because I’m usually rooting for the underdog, and he/she never wins! I wouldn’t mind so much if on occasion the protagonist loses the battle.

9. More free verse tales
I recently attended a seminar at the London Book Fair 2017 with author Sarah Crossan on the panel. She was speaking about the difficulty in pitching free verse stories for a YA audience to publishers, but readers were not the ones with an issue with the style. Keep up publishers!

10. New J.K. Rowling/Robert Galbraith books
Literally, give me anything Jo! I will purchase multiple copies and devour it, like yesterday.

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