‘Milk and Honey’ by Rupi Kaur [Book Review]

A couple of years ago, I heard about a book of poetry that was receiving rave reviews: Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. This week I read that book for the 2017 Reading Challenge, and all I can say is that the hype was (and is) absolutely deserved.

Title: Milk and Honey
Author: Rupi Kaur
Released: 2014
Pages: 204
Category: #30 A book with pictures
Rating: 8/10

“people go
but how
they left
always stays”

Milk and Honey is a beautiful, heart-wrenching poetry collection, accompanied by stunning black and white illustrations. The book is split into four sections, each denoting a specific period of the author’s life and experiences. The poetry is dark, gritty and full of raw emotion.

Whilst I am not the biggest fan of poetry, I truly adored this book. It tells a remarkable tale of recovery and overcoming adversity through love and accepting yourself.

I’m glad that I waited until now to read this collection, because I feel like I connected with the author on a more profound level than I would have done a few years ago. I’m also hoping that it means some new poetry will be released relatively soon, so that I can discover more of this wonderful writer and illustrator.

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