‘The Visitor’ by Lee Child [Book Review]

Lee Child is without a doubt my go to crime author, so when last week I was in the mood to read a detective-based thriller, I picked up the next volume in my huge pile of Jack Reacher novels for the 2017 Reading Challenge.

Title: The Visitor
Author: Lee Child
Released: 2000
Pages: 510
Category: #14 A book involving travel
Rating: 7/10

“A big fish in a small pond has no place to swim.”

The fourth novel in the Jack Reacher series is one of the more entertaining tales (thus far). When Jack is arrested by the FBI in connection with the murder of two young woman, both of whom are found naked in their bathtubs covered in paint, it is up to Reacher to uncover the truth behind the horrific events.

The plot is fast-paced, and Lee Child expertly drops clues throughout the text: I for one certainly didn’t predict the shocking conclusion.

I absolutely blazed through this fourth Jack Reacher novel; I found the plot utterly riveting and suspenseful, but as with any crime/thriller book it is difficult to discuss the specifics without ruining the story. The fact that I’ve yet to be disappointed by a Lee Child novel is testament to his incredible ability to craft a novel; with the exception of Terry Hayes (I Am Pilgrim) – whose second novel I am eagerly awaiting – he is without question my favourite crime author. No doubt I’ll be reading Echo Burning (Jack Reacher #5) soon!

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