‘The Wide Window’ by Lemony Snicket [Book Review]

Today, I finally finished reading the third volume in A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket: The Wide Window for the 2017 Reading Challenge. Although I didn’t particularly enjoy either of the first two stories, it is undeniable that the tales are amusing and easy to read.

Title: The Wide Window
Author: Lemony Snicket
Released: 2000
Pages: 232
Category: #11 A book by an author who uses a pseudonym
Rating: 4/10

“Frustration is an interesting emotional state, because it tends to bring out the worst in whoever is frustrated.”

The third tale in the A Series of Unfortunate Events saga concerns siblings Violet, Klaus and Sunny’s introduction to their Aunt Josephine, in search of their forever home. Having previously been thwarted twice by their evil relation Count Olaf, the children are hopeful for a happy ending – of course, that was never going to happen.

As with the preceding volumes, the plot is simply ridiculous. All the adults in the Baudelaire’s lives are incompetent fools (though this is part of the appeal for children), and the method of delivery is nothing if not unique.

Considering I have now read three novels in this series, I can safely say that I will never be a fan of Lemony Snicket’s works, however, I can appreciate the benefit of real life lessons incorporated within the fiction. I think this is where my journey with the Baudelaire’s comes to an end: I will assume the worst possible ending for the orphans.

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