‘If I Was Your Girl’ by Meredith Russo [Book Review]

Although it has received a great deal of criticism (for reasons I cannot understand), I am a huge advocate of Zoella’s Book Club, and when she announced If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo amongst the Autumn 2016 list, I snapped it up. Having already received a great deal of praise amongst the Bookstagram community, I devoured it for the 2017 Reading Challenge whilst on holiday in France.

Title: If I Was Your Girl
Author: Meredith Russo
Released: 2016
Pages: 293
Category: #23 A book about an interesting woman
Rating: 7/10

“We’re too concerned with the external, with our appearances, with what others think of us, when we should be concerned with the internal, with our hearts.”

If I Was Your Girl is the story of transgender teen, Amanda. Having moved to a new town to live with her father for a fresh start, the novel highlights the difficulties faced by her as an individual, with the themes including bullying, self-harm and friendship. 

The character development is expertly executed, and I felt emotionally connected with Amanda and the majority of her friends and family. Ultimately, there is little in the way of plot, rather this is a novel that is heavily dependent on the characters, their actions and the reactions of others.

Being relatively unversed in the realms of transgender literature, I went into this novel with an entirely open mind, and it turned out to be both heart-breaking and uplifting. It is an incredibly important book, one which I would recommend everybody should read, as being written by a transgender author it highlights the difficult situations faced by those in the trans community: however, more literature needs to exist on the subject in order to further educate the general public.

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