‘Girl Hearts Girl’ by Lucy Sutcliffe [Book Review]

Today I finished what will probably be my final read of the year and the 2016 Reading Challenge: Girl Hearts Girl by Lucy Sutcliffe. Prior to going into this book, I believed it was a novel – I had never heard of the YouTuber author, and fiction is the genre I would typically assume any book I am recommended it – but in fact, it was a memoir.

Title: Girl Hearts Girl
Author: Lucy Sutcliffe
Released: 2016
Pages: 273
Category: #58 A memoir
Rating: 5/10

“Sharing stories is an inherently human thing. We pass them down from generation to generation, and something about the way they’re told keeps us coming back for more. For every person on this planet, there’s a story that’s waiting to be heard, shared or retold. For each of those stories, there will be something that stands out – maybe a sentence or phrase, or even just a word – something that sticks with you. This is the phrase you mull over in difficult times. This is the sentence you think about to spur yourself on when the going gets tough. This is the word you get tattooed on your body, or printed on a poster, or wear around your wrist on a bracelet. Because this is the real reason we tell stories. We tell them to survive.”

Girl Hearts Girl is a fast-paced, easy-read memoir by LGBT YouTuber Lucy Sutcliffe. Telling the story of her journey of acceptance, it follows her growing up, figuring out who she is, and falling in love. Being an autobiographical account gives it a higher level of authenticity and relatability, hence it provides useful information and experiences for individuals in a similar position as the author: however, I’d place the intended audience at 11-16.


Despite thinking this was a novel until I started reading it, I blazed through this book. I connected with Lucy on many levels – she’s a self-confessed nerd, Harry Potter/Hermione Granger fan, and blogger – and I related to many of her experiences, particularly regarding friendship groups and university.

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