Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Most Intimidating Series

June 28: Top Ten Most Intimidating Series
This week for Top Ten Tuesday, we have a freebie week. I decided to look back at old TTT’s that were topics years ago, long before I began participating, and plumped for intimidating series, because, well, they’re intimidating! These series are all ones I own, but have either not begun or have stalled whilst reading.


1. Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson (0/3)
I first heard about this series through Booksplosion (Kat, Christine and Jesse) and it sounds amazing, but those books are monsters!

2. Chaos Walking Trilogy by Patrick Ness (0/3)
This is a series I know very little about and I bought on a whim. I have heard fantastic things about Patrick Ness’s books, so I also downloaded #1 on audiobook to try and kick start the series for me.

3. Discworld Series by Terry Pratchett (0/41)
I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve begun reading The Colour of Magic and put it down through sheer terror at committing to this mammoth series. I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy it, but the number of books simply terrifies me.

4. The Mortal Instruments/The Infernal Devices Series by Cassandra Clare (1/9)
I listened to the audiobook of City of Bones last year and couldn’t take it in: too much happened in a short space of time, so I’m already lost.

5. A Song of Ice and Fire Series by George R.R. Martin (2/5)
I loved A Game of Thrones, but thought A Clash of Kings was incredibly dull and slow, so upon finishing it I never picked up #3. Maybe one day.

6. Percy Jackson and the Olympians/The Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan (3/10)
There are just so many books (and I’m not even counting companion novels or his new series), and Rick seems to bring out new ones a couple of times a year. I just can’t keep up.

7. The Raven Cycle Quartet by Maggie Stiefvater (0/4)
This was a series I wasn’t going to read, but my friend Alice constantly sings its praises so I bought it and intend to read The Raven Boys on holiday this summer, and we’ll go from there.

8. Falling Kingdoms Series by Morgan Rhodes (0/4)
For some unknown reason (ok, because they look pretty) I bought the four current releases without so much as reading the blurb. I’m scared ok.

9. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien (0/3)
I know, I know. Technically this is one giant volume, but I’m treating it as a trilogy. I’ve tried (and failed) to read The Hobbit on multiple occasions, so I’m not holding my breath that I’ll read this any time soon.

10. Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead (0/6)
I really want to read this series – I need something to quell my Twifever – but it’s a big series to commit to.

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13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Most Intimidating Series

  1. I love Discworld! But I found it when there were significantly less books. My suggestion to newbies is to pick a series arc–they’re related, but not so closely you need to read them in order. It gives you a smaller goal. For example, the wizard arc takes place mostly at the university, or there’s a YA witch arc out in the country, the ‘modern times’ arc in the city, and a couple of stand-alones.

  2. The Raven Boys is good book, I’ve only read the 1st book but it’s definitely a series I’ll continue. I loved the Chaos Walking trilogy as well, Patrick Ness is a wonderful author. I want to read the Mistborn series, but it is a large series.

  3. Ughh, I feel your pain with A Song of Ice and Fire – every book is ginormous, I can’t dedicate myself to that! Vampire Academy is fantastic though, definitely worth the effort 🙂

  4. I am also intimidated by th GoT series!

    I just read The Raven Boys and really enjoyed it! It was very much unlike everything I’ve ever read before. I am reading book #2 now.

    While I loved The Hobbit, I really didn’t like The Fellowship of the Ring, so I abandoned The Lord of the Rings series.

  5. Mistborn is great! It might look huge, but you’ll breeze through the pages. At least I did.
    The Lord of the Rings prose is a bit aged and the story can feel a little tropey nowadays (it is the grandfather of fantasy), but if you can stomach those things, it’s definitely worth a read, just to see how fantasy as we’ve come to know it started!

  6. Ah! I totally have to agree with you on ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. That series is so daunting! I just finished book 3 and I’m like ‘man, I need a break’ because it takes so long to read each of the books. (at least for me. :p)
    I just recently got ‘The Mortal Instruments’ series and I’m really hoping to start that this year, but it’s also quite massive (which is probably why I’ve been putting it off *cough*).
    And I hope to find time (and motivation) some day to read LOTR and The Hobbit because I feel like those are just must-reads for any fantasy lover, you know?
    (This list totally sounds like it’ll take me the next 5 years without other books intermixed. Goodness.) Love the theme. I might have to try this one on the next freebie!
    My TTT

  7. Somehow, even though it has a lot of books, I don’t find Discworld Series intimidating.
    The Color of magic might not be the best in series, you can always skip it 😀
    I loved the books with Death – check out Mort or Hogsfather
    and the Witches series are fantastic
    I think the Wizard books are my least favorite

  8. My goodness, don’t feel too bad about LoTR. I’ve tried to read those so many times and failed miserably. They’re hard to get into. 🙂

  9. I had a really hard time with The Hobbit, so finally gave up and read LOTR and clicked much better with it. I was then able to go back and get through The Hobbit.

    I read Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings first, and it’s 2x the size of the first Mistborn book, so it felt easy after starting with one of his longer works. That said, it’s one of the easier epic fantasy series to start out there. The writing is pretty straightforward (for its genre), and the books go pretty quickly once you get going.

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