‘Keeping You A Secret’ by Julie Anne Peters [Book Review]

May has been a strange month for me, largely because I’ve not really felt like reading, and certainly not the books on my “currently reading” pile. As a result, I’ve been picking up books as and when I feel like reading them – no pressure, no obligation (and the fact they don’t align with my 2016 Reading Challenge is of little issue to me). A couple of days ago, I picked up Keeping You A Secret by Julie Anne Peters and fell in love with the story.

Title: Keeping You A Secret
Author: Julie Anne Peters
Released: 2003
Pages: 256
Category: #44 An LGBT book
Rating: 7/10

“Life was easier when we were kids. It wasn’t so much about change and choice and moving on. We lived for the moment. Time was eternal.”

Keeping You A Secret is the story of high-school senior Holland. She has the perfect life: she’s surrounded by friends, has an attentive boyfriend, a supportive family, is academically excellent, is on the swim-team and is president of the student council. Her whole life is laid out before her, until one day a new girl, Cece, transfers to Holland’s school. Cece is “out and proud” and from the first time Holland lays eyes on her, she experiences feelings she has never felt before. Suddenly Holland’s world is imploding and she must come to terms with them.

This is a beautiful young adult LGBT novel about true love, heartbreak and being true to yourself. The characters of Holland and Cece are interesting, and the secondary characters are well-developed. In some respects the story is a little too cliche, and the reader doesn’t get all the answers (but then I suppose nothing is clear cut in reality in such instances) but it is an important novel, especially for young adults struggling with internal issues of self: the more LGBTQ! characters and stories exposed to the world, the better!


I’m definitely enjoying exploring this genre. This year I’ve already read: Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli, Blue is the Warmest Color by Julie Maroh and George by Alex Gino, all of which feature LGBT characters at their centre – if you have any recommendations within the genre, please leave me a comment below.

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