‘How To Be A Woman’ by Caitlin Moran [Book Review]

One book I had been meaning to read for years was How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran. I had read numerous positive reviews, yet it remained firmly placed on my shelf, unread. Then I found out that it was going to be April’s #OurSharedShelf (Emma Watson’s Goodreads Book Club) pick, and I knew that it was fate: I’m so glad that I read this thoroughly funny feminist book for the 2016 Reading Challenge.

Title: How To Be A Woman
Author: Caitlin Moran
Released: 2011
Pages: 312
Category: #35 An autobiography
Rating: 6/10

“Your hard-won triumphs can be wholly neglected if you live in a climate where your victories are seen as threatening, incorrect, distasteful or – most crucially of all, for a teenage girl, simply uncool. Few girls would choose to be right – right, down into their clever, brilliant bones – but lonely.”

How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran is “part memoir, part rant,” and follows Caitlin’s journey through coming to terms with who she is as a woman. The writing is amusing, particularly in relation to her childhood and teenage experiences, whilst growing up in a working class family from Wolverhampton. Issues such as personal grooming, having babies and wearing bras are addressed in a positively hilarious manner, with the overall concluding arguments being moderately feminist.

Some sections of the book were less interesting than others, in that they felt overly autobiographical, rather than objective, but as a piece of feminist literature, it is fantastically funny and empowering.


I definitely think this is a book that everyone can learn something from – it’s crude in all the best (and most necessary) ways, and delivers a powerful message infused with humour and passion. I for one am proud to be a woman!

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