Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookworm Delights

April 26: Top Ten Bookworm Delights
It doesn’t take a lot to please a bookworm. Even the smallest bookish thing can bring a smile to our faces.


1. Books arriving in the mail
Honestly, what could be better than receiving new books? I order 90% of my books from the internet (Amazon, Book Depository, eBay) so I get a lot of bookmail, which makes me so completely happy.

2. The smell of a new book
Books smell amazing (well new ones do). I don’t like the mildewy smell of old books, but taking a whiff of the new book you’re reading is beautiful.

3. Finishing an amazing book
There are few better feelings in life than finishing a book that you truly loved (even if you do have tears streaming down your face).

4. Starting a book you’ve been anticipating for weeks/months/years
I’m rarely caught up with series, but when I am and have been looking forward to a release for ages it is wonderful. It’s also great in that you’re less likely to be spoiled than if you read it later on.

5. Unexpected gems
When you have no expectations for a book and it turns out to be great, it’s amazing. When a book has all the instalove it can be so much worse when you’re expectations aren’t met.

6. New bookmarks
I love bookmarks. I have dozens, if not hundreds. Since I detest folding the corners of my books, something my Dad does on purpose (thankfully only on his books) just to annoy me, I always have a stash (of primarily fandom related ones) in my bedside table.

7. When your shelf is on point
It’s rare that my bookshelves look pristine: I usually have piles of as-yet unhauled books, Funko Pop Vinyls that are out of place and books I’ve read in the given month thrown on top. But when they’re perfect, it’s glorious.

8. Being recommended books by friends/family/strangers
I was in Waterstones earlier this month, following a coffee with my friend Alice, buying books I had been recommended by her. Then, out of the blue, an employee wandered over and commented on the pile of books in my arms, before recommending me a book, which I duly purchased – I love it!

9. Goodreads
I love (almost) everything about Goodreads: I love the recommendations it makes upon finishing a great books, I love seeing what my friends are reading and the ratings they give, and I love the limitless online shelving opportunities! The only thing I hate is that you’re unable to mark the date of a book read more than once, but that’s a fixable niggle, right Goodreads?!

10. When the friend/family member you recommended a book to loves it
Whenever I recommend a book, I worry that they’ll hate the book I love. When they too adore it, it makes all that worry worthwhile!

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4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookworm Delights

  1. WOW, what a stunning picture! All your books are in such good condition. 😀
    Your shelves are definitely looking on point (shall I say, “on fleek”? lol no).

    Goodreads is my haven, my morning star, my second home.
    I spend more time on Goodreads than on Facebook. Twitter takes the crown, though.

    Great list. I can relate to most of them. 🙂

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