‘Love, Tanya’ by Tanya Burr [Book Review]

Last night I finally finished and submitted my third MA English essay (yay!) so I spent this morning watching Orange Is The New Black, 90210 and The Vampire Diaries (late to the party, I know) and finishing reading Love, Tanya. I was conflicted on several counts with this book, primarily whether a YouTuber is classed as a “celebrity”, and therefore whether or not I could count it for #15 of the 2016 Reading Challenge (I decided no – and then came the creation of my second self-made category).

Title: Love, Tanya
Author: Tanya Burr
Released: 2015
Pages: 304
Category: #42 A book written by a YouTuber
Rating: 4/10

“Take advantage of every opportunity that is thrown your way and embrace it. Say yes to invitations and be prepared to take risks.”

Love, Tanya is a book exploring every avenue of a teenage girl’s life, and thus has no direction: it has no primary focus. With sections on everything from fashion to love, from hair and nails essentials to baking and recipes, it falls flat. Despite this, there will be segments that appeal to different audiences, but it is not really a book to read from cover to cover.

That being said, it is a colourful, interactive book, with pages for reader-made lists on the topics she covers and photos spanning her life and career. As far as YouTuber books go, it’s disappointing – I really wanted to love it. I like Tanya and her brand, but unfortunately her book is just too broad with no depth.


I love vloggers and YouTubers in general. I think it’s great that they’ve found a creative gateway to earn a living, but books by YouTubers shouldn’t be published without a clear-cut direction. I read Marcus Butler’s book earlier this year and much prefered it, as it had a focus on self-improvement (fitness, healthy eating, etc) but Tanya’s book just didn’t do it for me.

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