‘Hello Life!’ by Marcus Butler [Book Review]

Sometimes, when I have three or four books on the go I am less motivated to complete them than if I were only reading one or two. This is the position I found myself in this weekend, when on Saturday evening I decided on a whim to pick up Hello Life! by Marcus Butler, which I flew through – this month I’m making excellent progress on my 2016 Reading Challenge!

Title: Hello Life!
Author: Marcus Butler
Released: 2015
Pages: 256
Category: #13 A self-improvement book
Rating: 6/10

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

YouTubers are releasing books left, right and centre, and Marcus Butler is no different. Hello Life! allows his viewers an insight into his world, problems he’s faced and decisions he’s made that have led him to his current lifestyle.

This book is filled with sometimes amusing, sometimes emotional anecdotes about Marcus’s life, and covers topics from bullying to bereavement and from healthy living to family drama. Each topic is addressed with care and attention and features helpful tips as to how to deal with them.

The book is primarily aimed at 12-16 year old females, although there is some useful advice for people of all ages and genders. Marcus never proclaims to be an expert at anything, and his modesty came through in his words, but with the fanbase he has this book could hold within its pages some pivotal advice for young teens.


Whilst some of the advice didn’t apply to me, I especially liked the section on healthy living (what to avoid eating, and what to eat more of) which I hope to use as inspiration in the future – goodbye crisps and fizzy drinks, hello… I’ll work on that bit.

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4 thoughts on “‘Hello Life!’ by Marcus Butler [Book Review]

      1. Ok, so it doesn’t look like I’m the audience for this book but I’m glad he’s honest, keeps it interesting, and gives good advice. If he’s encouraging young people to live a healthier lifestyle, then that’s great!

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