‘I Am Pilgrim’ by Terry Hayes [Book Review]

Today I finished an absolutely fantastic book: I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes, marking my 8th book for the 2016 Reading Challenge. I’d saved reading it until the completion of my second MA essay. Almost the second I sent off my work, I dived straight it. And what a rollercoaster it was!

Title: I Am Pilgrim
Author: Terry Hayes
Released: 2013
Pages: 888
Favourite character: Pilgrim
Category: #18 A book that’s more than 600 pages
Rating: 9/10

“Evidence is the name we give to what we have, but what about the things we haven’t found? Sometimes the things that are missing are of far greater importance.”

I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes is a beast of a book, no doubt, but it is also one of the most intricate, beautifully weaved books I’ve ever read. It follows several, apparently unconnected, threads in locations across the globe and ties them up amazingly into one fluid plot.

Our main character, Pilgrim, in an ex-intelligence agent, amongst the best in the world. When he finds himself stumbling across the murder of a young woman at a New York hotel, he is unceremoniously thrust back into the secret world, tracking a much more prolific killer.

The characters in the novel are fabulous, especially Pilgrim and his NYPD cop friend Bradley who share some excellent exchanges, and the storyline is terrifying – which makes for a fantastic read. One slight downside was that the clues were dropped slightly too early, so the conclusion didn’t make for the spectacle it could have done – despite this, it is one of the best thrillers I’ve ever read.


Whilst the ends weren’t all tied up expertly with a bow, considering this is a debut novel I am astounded at the craftsmanship that went into this book – and I cannot wait for The Year of the Locust!

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