Book Unhaul

Last month I gave up on a book, this month I’m giving away over 60 books. What’s going on?

I naturally have a hoarders personality. I keep things that really have no meaning to me, just because I don’t want to throw them away. This is especially relevant when it comes to books. I’ve always thought “I’ll read it someday” or “I received it as a present when I was seven, I can’t give it away”, which are both ridiculous things to think.

The simple fact is I own so many books, and will buy so many more in the coming months and years, that I will never get around to reading them all. Sometimes I’m interested in a book when I buy it, but then choose to read other books, and time has passed, I’ve changed, and I’m no longer interested in said book. What’s the point in keeping it?

So, on a whim I gathered together all the books I know I no longer want and I’m getting rid of them.


Some are duplicate copies (eg. The Hunger Games, The Host, The Hobbit), some I read recently and either didn’t enjoy or know I will never read again (eg. Gone, All I Know Now, Buried Alive), and some I know I will never read (eg. Wolf Brother, Eldest, The Witch Trade). The majority, however, are books and series I read or started reading when I was in primary school. Some of these hold sentimental value as I really enjoyed them (eg. Cathy Cassidy’s books), others I just kept because of the sheer number of books in the series, which I thought I’d get around to reading eventually (eg. Louise Rennison and Michael Lawrence’s books).

Most of these books I will be giving to my 10 and 11 year old cousins. The ones with more adult material (eg. Good Girls) and ones I know they already have (eg. Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse) will be going to charity.

I’ve done mini-unhauls before, when I’ve given away about 10 books, but getting rid of such a large number of books feels amazing. I know they’ll be going to a good home and I now have more space for new books (not that lack of room ever stopped me before).

I’m not letting go of who I was, I’m accepting who I am now. It’s cleansing.

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7 thoughts on “Book Unhaul

  1. I periodically donate books to the Children’s Hospital here for their book sale- it’s the best for everyone! I had to start asking myself, “do you want to keep alllll of these and never read anything new?” Great post 🙂

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