Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Resolutions I Have For 2016

January 5: Top Ten Resolutions I Have For 2016
With the arrival of another year, another set of resolutions have been formulated. I’m excited for the year ahead, and I wish everybody reading this the best with their endeavours, good health and happiness.


1. Create a BookTube channel and upload once a week
I’ve dabbled in creating a video or two in the last year or so, but I want to expand my blogging to include vlogging, so the logical step is to get serious on YouTube – you can find me at charlottebibliophile.

2. Complete the 2016 Reading Challenge (41 books in 40 categories)
I failed the 2015 Reading Challenge, completing 40/50 categories, but with fewer categories to tick off, I’m hopeful that 2016 will be my year. I love the variety these challenges provide.

3. Read five novels on the BBC Big Read List
Since I began reading the novels on this list (I began as if I’d never read a single one), I’ve read 15/200. My standard approach is 5 a year, so I’ll keep progressing with that number.

4. Read three 2016 releases
I’m generally pretty bad at reading new releases, except when it’s J.K. Rowling/Robert Galbraith, so even just reading a few will be a bonus in reading current hyped novels.

5. Read ten new-to-you authors
I’m quite good at reading a variety of authors, many of which I’ve never read before, so this should be easily do-able. There’s nothing quite like discovering a new favourite.

6. Buy 10 or fewer books per month (on average)
I’m notorious for my huge 20+ book a month hauls, and that’s not only bad for my bank balance, it’s also bad for my shelves. This way I’ll only purchase books I really want.

7. Engage more frequently with the book blogging community
I haven’t been very good at commenting on blogs and other social media outlets of late, and that needs to change.

8. If after reading 20% of a book I am not enjoying it, give up
Until very recently, I was very anti this behaviour, but I’ve since realised that life is too short to read bad books.

9. Go to a book convention and/or meet a new author
I’ve never been to a book con, so I’d love to spend an extended amount of time in the presence of other book lovers, but failing that, meeting a new author or two will suffice.

10. Write (maybe do NaNoWriMo)
I want to allow myself time to write, but in between my job, my Masters degree, my internship and my blog, I struggle to find the time. I want to carve out time for all my passions, so this is definitely something to work on in 2016.

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