Clarkson, Hammond and May Live

On November 28, my whole family headed to London for the day for my brother’s belated birthday present – ‘Clarkson, Hammond and May Live’, at the O2 Arena. We had bought the tickets a year in advance, and with the end of ‘Top Gear’ (my brother’s favourite TV programme) it was fitting to end with a bang.

We arrived at the venue with enough time to go for lunch in Frankie & Benny’s before the show, before we took our seats (in the back row of Level 1 – we had a great view!)


The live show was everything you’d expect a ‘Top Gear’ show to be. There was banter among the presenters, automobiles galore and crazy challenges, including driving cars made out of household appliances around a course in the centre of the arena, and a lap race between the three in Reliant Robins (which inevitably ended up with all three cars toppling over).


Much of the event didn’t include the trio. There were flaming cars tearing around the floor, a stunt team performing an elaborate routine in four cars, and my personal favourite, four motorbikers riding around in a small spherical metal cage – there were many things that could’ve gone wrong, which only added to the excitement.

One of the highlights for car fanatics was seeing all the current supercars under one roof. Even as someone who knows next to nothing about cars, it was a spectacle.


The event finished with a game of car football (England vs. Argentina) which was all fun and games – I wouldn’t have minded a go myself!


I think it’s fair to say that my brother thoroughly enjoyed his 19th birthday present! Mum, Dad and I thought it had more of a DisneyLand stunt show feel than ‘Top Gear’, but it was a good day out nonetheless.

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