Dream Come True

On November 15 and 16, my Granny and I took a trip to London to attend the ATP World Tour Finals for the second year in succession. We had talked about getting tickets for months, but one day only a month or so before the event, I found some excellent Level 1 seats for the first two evenings of the tournament and I snapped them up immediately – my Granny is a huge Roger Federer fan, so the primary reason for purchasing tickets for two evenings was double the chance of seeing her hero in action.

Sunday 15th saw our arrival in the capital, and our first evening at the O2, where we enjoyed free coffee in the Barclaycard lounge (and we also won tennis balls in the “lottery” – both these events happened on both evenings!) We didn’t know we’d be seeing until a couple of days before the matches as the schedule had yet to be revealed, but one evening I found out that on the first night we’d be watching the legendary Roger Federer against Berdych *cue excitement*.

We were in the seventh row, on the far left service line, so we had an excellent view of the matches – first up were the Bryan brothers (who played terribly. Credit to their opponents, Bopana and Mergea, who beat them by a country mile).


Next up was the main event. I was slightly concerned that the excitement may cause my 77 year old grandmother a heart attack as she has been a die-hard Federer fan for seventeen years but has never seen him play.


Sorry Berdych, there was only ever going to be one winner, wasn’t there?! We even got to see Roger presented with two awards following his magnificent display on court.

November 16th brought with it another excellent spectacle – Rafael Nadal vs. Stan Wawrinka! I was on the fence as to who to support, so I bought both Spanish and Swiss flags!


First up we had another excellent doubles match – and the crowd were out in force supporting the French, following the Paris attacks only days before. Sadly Herbert and Mahut were beaten by Dodig and Melo, but it was a fantastic performance by all concerned.


Then on to court came two of my favourite players, Nadal and Wawrinka for a superb match (as far as Rafa was concerned. Sadly Stan didn’t play well).


Granny and I had a fantastic couple of days in London – many thanks to my auntie Trish for putting us up and being so blooming lovely!

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