Would You Rather Book Tag

Either or questions, come at me! I saw this tag on FlickThrough‘s blog, so go and check out their answers.

1. Would you rather do only review posts or only tag posts?
Considering that I primarily write reviews, I’ll stick with that. I do love doing tags, but they are not the primary focus of my blog.

2. Would you rather always see the film first or never see the film version of books?
Even though it pains me to see a film before reading the book, I’d rather do that than never get to watch the movie adaptations of my favourite books.

3. Would you rather have a list of every book you’ve ever read (like Goodreads from birth) or still have the physical copy of your first favourite book?
I’d definitely love a list of every book I’ve ever read (*makes mental note to do this for any future children*). I still have the copy of my first favourite book anyway (“The Magic Faraway Tree” by Enid Blyton), so win/win!

4. Would you rather have an active in-person book club of non-book-bloggers or have lunch with your best book-blogger buddy once a year?
I’d love to be part of a book club that meets in person. Just think of all the literary discussions.

5. Would you rather have the time to read everything you want to read or the money to buy everything you want to read?
I’d definitely rather have the time! I must have hundreds of unread books on my shelves that I desperately want to read, but cannot find the time for. Anyway, the ability to stop time or live forever (as this question suggests) would be magic.

6. Would you rather dream cast the film or have editing power over the script for the film version of your fave?
Dream cast the film – I’d love to be able to choose my favourite actors and actresses for the roles of my favourite characters. Although, pressure!!

7. Would you rather have your favourite fictional superpower or your favourite fictional technology?
Superpower, definitely! I’d love to have infinite life or the ability to travel in time and space.


8. Would you rather read an amazing story with a ‘meh’ ending or a ‘meh’ story with a spectacular ending?
Amazing story with a ‘meh’ ending – ‘The Hunger Games’ trilogy springs to mind here! I adore the series, but I feel as though the finale wasn’t quite as “wow” as it could be. It’s still my favourite trilogy of all time though!

9. Would you rather not be able to read in a moving vehicle or not be able to read lying down?
Not be able to read in a moving vehicle – I do most of my reading in bed, so it’s the viable option. Plus I could always listen to an audiobook whilst on the move.

10. Would you rather re-read your favourite book or series with fresh eyes, like the first time, or be able to un-read your biggest disappointment?
As long as I could magically remember my first and subsequent reading experiences after finishing re-reading “Harry Potter” with fresh eyes, I’d do that. However, if it were to mean I’d lose my memories of growing up with the series, I’ll un-read “The Prisoner of Zenda” by Anthony Hope – yawn!

Bonus: Would you rather go to Hogwarts or live in Middle Earth?
Hogwarts! No brainer.

Tag. You’re it.

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One thought on “Would You Rather Book Tag

  1. The Magic Faraway Tree (and the rest of the books in the series) are some of my all-time favourites too. I still have my copies and can’t wait until my son is old enough for us to read them together (any excuse to read them again!).

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