Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookish Things I Want To Quit

October 6: Top Ten Bookish Things I Want to Quit
There are many things that I do related to books that I wish I didn’t. Of course, the good things that I do outweigh the bad, but it would still be nice to nip some of these habits in the bud.


1. Reading more than three books at a time
It’s common for my to be reading five books at a time – I try to not go above that number as it gets ridiculous. Ideally I’d only be reading three at a time: a physical book, an eBook and an audiobook – that way, wherever I am, and whatever I’m doing, one of the three will meet my requirements.

2. Buying many times more books than I read
Every month I always buy at least twice as many books as I read. At least. That is not a productive purchasing habit, for my purse or my bookshelves.

3. Not finishing books for months
Because I frequently read multiple books, often one or more gets left on my bedside table to gather dust for months. Currently the book receiving this treatment is “Gone” by Michael Grant, because I’m finding it to be truly terrible writing, but I don’t want to stop reading it when I’m over halfway through.

4. Reading only a few pages at a time
Basically, I get distracted, and will choose to binge watch a new TV show or go and make a cup of tea, and not go back to reading for the rest of the day.

5. Keeping books I know I’ll never read
I must have dozens of books on my bookshelves that I know in my heart of hearts that I’ll never read, but for some reason I can’t bring myself to part with them.

6. Buying multiple books in a series without having read the first book
I’m the prime suspect for this behaviour! I tend to buy trilogies without having delved into the world. Again, “Gone” is a great example, for which I own at least the first three books, and I very much doubt I’ll continue with the series.

7. Re-buying books I already own
With the exception of “Harry Potter” (which I happily own 100 editions of) this really is a ridiculous habit. I own three different editions of “The Hunger Games” series – I love this series, but it is completely pointless. I also purchase books in both paper and eBook versions frequently, so I can pick up where I left off, but I rarely read the same book in different formats. Pointless.

8. Looking to see how many pages are left and subsequently spoiling myself
I’m looking at you “Looking For Alaska”! I’m terrible at working out how many pages I’ve got left to read, either in the chapter or the book, and then spoiling myself. I really must stop doing that!

9. Buying books because they are cheap, not because I want them
Whenever I see an offer like 3 for £10, even if there is only one book I want (at £4) I will still purchase two other books, that I perhaps have a minor interest in, to make use of the offer.

10. Piling and stacking books in every available space
I have books stacked in my bedroom, on the landing, in the spare room and in the study – because all four of my bookcases are full! My family are not amused.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Check out their blog and get involved!

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8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookish Things I Want To Quit

  1. Buying many times more books than I read

    This is something I REALLY want to quit as well but how to stop? Especially when you can get bargain books. The TBR pile just keeps expanding and I can’t keep up with its growth.

  2. I’m right there with you on most of these. Three books at once in my limit too, otherwise I’ll get confused with, well, everything. And I’m so guilty of buying more books than I need… or can afford… or have space for. Oops!

  3. My thoughts:
    1. What’s the problem?
    2. What’s the problem?
    3. What’s the problem?
    4. What’s the problem?
    5. What’s the problem?
    6. What’s the problem?
    7. What’s the problem?
    8. What’s the problem?
    9. What’s the problem?
    10. What’s the problem?

    That’s all!


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