#37 One Too Many Shades of Grey (#49)

Today, after months of perseverance, I finished reading “Grey” by E.L. James. I’m not going to lie, it was a struggle – and I actually enjoyed the original trilogy! Regardless, its completion means I’ve ticked off #37 A book with a colour in the title for the 2015 Reading Challenge – thank goodness for being British. At least one good thing has come out of reading it.

My Goodreads Review
“‘Grey’ is a retelling of/companion novel to ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ by E.L. James, told from Christian’s perspective. Whilst the story is primarily the same as the original book (this only comprises the plot from the first novel of the trilogy) the reader is able to explore Christian on a more intimate level – in all senses of the word.
A large proportion of this book is effectively lifted from ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and as a result it makes for repetitive, and sometimes boring, reading. However, the flashbacks to Christian’s life with his drug-addict mother add some harrowing background information to why Christian is who he is.
Literary speaking, this book is appalling and thoroughly cringeworthy. I largely found Christian as a character to be possessive and unnerving, which is a feeling I didn’t have whilst reading the original trilogy. On the other hand, Ana seemed a stronger, more determined character – although that may well have been because Christian is used to total submission from his partners.
If you enjoyed the original trilogy, you might want to give this book a shot. However, if you’re in two minds, pick up something else. Literally anything.”


I can’t really describe how much I loathed this book. If it weren’t for the flashbacks, I think it might have been my first DNF (did not finish) of the year. Christian’s use of language is demeaning, and how quickly Ana falls for him and his way of life is thoroughly disconcerting. I hope and pray that E.L. James doesn’t release “A Darker Shade of Grey” and “Grey Freed”. That would just be the end.

#37 A book with a colour in the title – Grey by E.L. James (3/10)

Thirty-five down, fifteen to go. (Forty-nine read)

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5 Responses to #37 One Too Many Shades of Grey (#49)

  1. I totally agree, Christian comes off so differently in this book. For me it pretty much ruined his character. Great post!!

  2. Me too..I’m finding it quite hard to get into Christian’s POV because of the demeaning words.

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