Michael McIntyre: Happy & Glorious

Yesterday (04/09/15) after an almost two year wait (the tickets went on sale incredibly early), I went to see Michael McIntyre on his new tour in Cardiff with my Mum, my brother Joe and his friend Josh. A few years ago Mum, Dad, Joe and I saw Michael on his last tour at Wembley Arena and he was very funny, but on this occasion we plumped for a venue that was smaller, closer to home and easier to get to – it just made sense.


The gig started at 8pm with a relatively funny support act, Paul Tonkinson, who performed content largely relating to his three teenage children, which I could relate to in theory. He also performed a very funny monologue about his middle-aged wife and her routine when she goes out for drinks with her girlfriends.


Michael took to the stage at 8.55pm to rapturous applause, and began with some very witty banter with the audience, including a guy who had supposedly reserved several seats in the row in front of him just to ensure he had a clear view, and a conversation on how to accurately pronounce the Welsh for “services”. I really enjoyed this unscripted content, as it felt very real and like proper stand-up.


Early on during his set, Michael tripped over part of the staging and proceeded to make some very accurate “have you had an accident at work” versus “PPI” statements, which was very funny. This then led to an amusing (and slightly shocking) anecdote about his Hulk-like calves, which he showed the audience, before launching into a joke about orthopaedic shoes and funny walks.


Michael’s jokes were generally excellent, however I had one criticism: some of them were performed at gigs that were televised recently, including the moving to the countryside sequence. This was rather disappointing because we were expecting all new material, although the original content was fantastic – especially the section about Brits abroad!

There’s something about being in a room with thousands of other people, and laughing at the same time, about the same subjects that is incredibly uplifting, and Michael’s happy-go-lucky demeanour certainly adds to the effect. A Friday night well spent!

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