#63 Delving Into New Genres (#47)

Earlier this month, I had a very interesting meeting with someone who works in the publishing industry, and he kindly gave me a book: “Gorsky” by Vesna Goldsworthy. I had heard of neither the book nor the author, but I delved straight into what would become my 47th read of the 2015 Reading Challenge: #63 A book you were given.

My Goodreads Review
“Based on ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald, ‘Gorsky’ follows Serbian-born, London-based bookseller Nikola (Nick) Kimovic, who is commissioned by billionaire Russian Gorsky to build him the best private library imaginable for his lavish new home. Nick, for need of money and love of art, agrees.
Nick has another regular client, Russian Natalia, whom he plies with art history books for her collection. Natalia is married to wealthy Englishman Tom Summerscale, with whom she has a daughter, Daisy.
It later transpires that Gorsky and Natalia were old friends in Russia, when Gorsky holds an event in Nick’s bookshop with the implicit intent of bumping into Natalia.
The book revolves around money – old money, new money – and how relationships are formed when money is involved. It is also political, as it considers the wealth of the English, Russians, and Europeans in general, and how the two are intrinsically linked.
This book is filled with themes including prostitution, adultery, and latterly, murder – all of which largely revolve around money and politics. The characters were interesting – particularly Nick, Gorsky and Gery (Natalia’s friend and personal trainer) – and, having not personally read ‘The Great Gatsby’, I was shocked at the direction the novel took.
All in all I was pleasantly surprised. It was an interesting read from beginning to end, although I felt that the pace towards the end increased too quickly, and as a result the conclusion was rushed.”


This book wasn’t something I would usually pick up for myself – I’m a fan of re-tellings in general, but having not read “The Great Gatsby” and not being aware of the story, it was an entirely new world to me. I also loved the setting in London, with a poor character overwhelmed – inadvertently – by the rich.

Whilst I don’t believe that I confine myself too strictly to any one genre with regards to my reading preferences, reading “Gorsky” has opened my eyes to a new genre of suspenseful political thrillers, which I endeavor to explore further in the future.

#63 A book you were given – Gorsky by Vesna Goldsworthy (7/10)

Thirty-three down, seventeen to go. (Forty-seven read)

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