Two More Days At Disneyland Paris

Last month my family and I went to Disneyland Paris for the third time. We last visited two summers ago, and we decided to experience the Disney magic once again.

This year was rather different from our previous visits, since we brought our dog with us. Disney do have kennel facilities, so we were able to leave Molly whilst we explored the magic of the parks, but we couldn’t leave her for hours at a time.

On our first day we headed straight for Walt Disney Studios, intent on tackling some of the bigger rides before the heavy queues began.


Our first stop was Crush’s Coaster – a roller coaster all four of us go on, if not willingly in the case of my Mum. It provided me with my first opportunity to try out my newly purchased UMove (cheaper version of a GoPro) to record the action – unfortunately I’d forgotten just how much takes place in the dark, and so only the first few seconds of footage were useable (you can watch the vlog of our trip down below, or click here).

With Mum feeling decidedly sick, Dad and I took off for Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, where unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to film – not that there would have been much to see, considering it’s rather dark. Oddly it felt slower than I’ve experienced it before (with the exception of the first 15 seconds, which was great) and we didn’t enjoy it half as much as usual.

We then had a quick wander around the park and the shops, before heading to the main Disney park, bound for Thunder Mountain Railroad. When we arrived there was a mass of people congregating outside the entrance, as the ride had just broken down, but we hung around for a few minutes and managed to end up with only a 15 minute wait to ride it. It is, unquestionably, one of our favourite rides, mainly because it is actually lasts for a reasonable length of time – unlike so many others!

Our next stop was to pick up Fast Track tickets for Buzz Lightyear, and then grab some lunch – but not before an obligatory snap in front of Cinderella’s castle.


Unfortunately one of the few rides Dad and I wanted to go on – Space Mountain – was shut for refurbishment, and one Joe wanted to go on – Star Tours – had its usual 80 minute wait, which is totally not worth it, so we skipped some of our favourites.

After lunch we went on Buzz Lightyear. My family are incredibly competitive and as usual we were in it to win it. I lost – although I’m convinced there was a fault with my laser gun.

We then decided we’d left Molly for long enough and left the park for the day.

On our second day, which happened to be my Mum’s birthday, we decided to forgo the parks in favour of exploring the shops, for me to have a ride on the hot air balloon (the other three were too scared to come on with me) and to have a celebratory lunch in The Rainforest Cafe.


We had an absolutely magical time at Disneyland Paris – despite only going on a handful of rides. Now I just need to get back to Florida!!

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