#59 Tripwire (#43)

I am currently in the process of reading the ‘Jack Reacher’ books by Lee Child in publication order, and this morning I finished the third book in the series – “Tripwire”. Once again outside the parameters of the 2015 Reading Challenge, I created #59 A book set in multiple locations, as Reacher novels usually involve a fair amount of travelling within the United States for the protagonist, and this one also featured flashbacks 30 years ago to Vietnam.

My Goodreads Review
“‘Tripwire’ is the third book in the ‘Jack Reacher’ series, which currently spans 19 novels, by Lee Child. In this volume Reacher is approached in Florida by a private investigator who is looking for him, but before Jack can determine why he is being searched for, the investigator is dead. This leads to a cross-country search for answers to a 30 year-old question about a US soldier stationed in Vietnam.
As a novel it is fast paced and interesting, however during the first half of the book the answers are too easy – unlike the previous two in the series. The characters are well developed, both the good guys and the bad guys, and the culmination of the evidence surmounted to an excellent plot twist. There were however a few loose ends that weren’t tied up, although considering the fate of Reacher, that wasn’t surprising. ”


Whilst this book wasn’t my favourite in the series so far – that still remains the first novel, “Killing Floor” – it was still an exciting volume, and I look forward to reading the next book. At the rate I’m reading the Reacher books versus the rate their being released, I’ll never catch up, and that is inherently wrong. Watch this space – that should definitely be the next title!

#59 A book set in multiple locations – Tripwire by Lee Child (7/10)

Thirty-three down, seventeen to go. (Forty-three read)

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