An Ace Experience

As well as books, concerts and football (my three greatest passions), I am also a tennis fan. On Thursday (09/07/15), my Granny and I went to Wimbledon for the first time – we had tickets for the ladies semi-finals, and had been looking forward to the occasion for months. The only question was who we would be seeing.

We both wanted to see the big stars, and we were excited to see two of the biggest names – who played against each other no less: Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova. The other semi-final featured Aga Radwanska and upcoming star Garbine Mugaruza.

Granny and I stayed with family friends only ten miles from Wimbledon, and caught the park and ride to The Championships – which was incredibly easy. We arrived before gates opened, but the few people already queueing were very friendly.

After buying programmes, we walked through the grounds to the practice courts in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the men warming up for the next day – in particular Roger Federer, as my Granny is his biggest fan! Unfortunately we missed the men – we were later told they were practicing on the main courts, but we did see Aga Radwanska with her coaching staff doing her warm-up for the first match of the day.


The first match was the “warm-up”, in the sense that they saved the biggest stars for later (it was far from a warm-up though): Radwanska and Mugaruza – we were firmly on team Aggie.


We had incredible seats – we were in the 9th row, right on the base line. We had a great view of the coaches, the players and the royal box, which was filled with stars including David Beckham, Steven Fry, Martina Navratilova, Pippa and James Middleton (Kate’s siblings) and the England ladies football team (who were sitting behind the royal box).


It was absolutely boiling on Centre Court, and we were in direct sunlight for more than seven hours, but thankfully it didn’t dampen our spirits.


After an excellently fought match, Mugaruza won 6-2 3-6 6-3.


Then there was a half-hour break before the second semi-final, so we used the opportunity to find some shade, and have a drink and a bite to eat, before what we deemed to be the main event.

I am a big fan of both Maria and Serena, but was rooting for Maria (whose grunting, for the record, is nowhere near as loud in person as it appears on TV).


Unfortunately, the match began badly for Maria, and that set the tone for the entire contest. Serena was simply unstoppable.


Serena was totally dominant, and despite Sharapova’s best efforts, Williams won 6-2 6-4 – she’s a great champion.


After another break, it was time for the men’s doubles – Murray and Peers vs. Erlich and Petzschner. Obviously we were supporting Murray (Jamie, not Andy) and Peers – it was third time lucky for one of our choices to win. I love men’s doubles as it’s so fast-paced, and really anything can happen!


Thankfully we were in the shade for the final set, which made it that much more enjoyable (we were both exhausted and dehydrated by the early evening), and eventually Murray and Peers won 4-6 6-3 6-4 6-2!


We had an absolutely amazing day at Wimbledon on Centre Court! It’s definitely something I’d love to do again – hopefully next time we’ll snag tickets for the mens semi-finals, or is that too much to hope for?!

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