Swiftie Sparkles and Manchester Marvels

On Wednesday (24/06/15), we left Glasgow, bound for Manchester and round 2 of the 1989 World Tour. We arrived at our (much nicer) hotel with minimal problems, and following a quick rest, it was time for me to get ready to see Taylor Swift for the second night in succession.


My friend Joelle was going, and was also a VIP (albeit in a different section) so I found her in the queue, along with another friend from school, Sian, so we had a chat in the queue before they opened the doors and let us in to collect our goodie bags and join different queues – thankfully I managed to purchase a tour t-shirt, after missing out in Glasgow.

My “seat” for night 2 was pit-standing (right at the front), and whilst I was queuing once more, I got chatting to the people next to me, and we ended up hanging out together for the entire evening.


We were among the first people let into the arena (at around 6pm) and Vance Joy took to the stage at 7:30pm, so happily (on the second attempt) I watched his entire set, which was surprisingly good.


Before long it was time for Taylor (for the 4th time for me, and my 2nd viewing of the 1989 tour). Cue 15,000 fans screaming in unison.


About 30 minutes into Taylor’s set, her mum Andrea (or Mama Swift) came into the pit – we’d seen her earlier in the evening, but I managed to snag a opportunistic selfie with her.


As usual, Taylor put on an amazing show, and it was much more fun jamming to her songs with more hardcore Swifties than the night before.

Taylor does pull some epic faces!


The Manchester crowd were much more vocal and went all out with lights and costumes – which Taylor noticed!


Taylor Swift gigs are just such fun experiences. Every single person is happy, smiling, waving and singing along. And Taylor makes the experience so enjoyable, as she looks as though she’s having the time of her life too!


I left the concert with major PTSD – Post Taylor Swift Disorder (partly stemming from the fact that I’ve now seen her four times and am no closer to meeting her) but mainly because she’s playing Hyde Park today (Saturday 27/06/15) and has stated there will be a few surprises in store, so I’m majorly hung-up on having no more Tay gigs lined up!

On Thursday, Granny and I had the whole day to explore Manchester. After breakfast in Starbucks, we went to the National Football Museum, where we spent a couple of hours exploring the collection, and I spent an hour playing the interactive games – which included about a dozen additional free penalties on top of what I’d paid for (I placed 2nd on the leaderboard with 1310 points, and scoring at 37MPH).


Afterwards, we went for a stroll around the cathedral, which was rather beautiful, before we explored the Arndale centre, where I fangirled over books and Disney.


We were both shattered by 5pm, so opted for dinner in the hotel restaurant, rather than going out again – which turned out to be a brilliant decision as it was amazing.

On the Friday we left Manchester after breakfast, and headed back to the Yorkshire Dales, through Cumbria and the Lake District, where we stopped and I made friends with the wild ponies.


All in all, it’s been a completely amazing few days!!

#8 Taylor Swift (24/06/15) *****

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