Starbucks Lovers and Glasgow Discovered

On Monday Granny and I set off for Glasgow, driving from North Yorkshire. I’d never been to Glasgow, nor had any reason or desire to go prior to last autumn, that was until Taylor Swift announced her UK tour dates: Glasgow, Manchester and London (Hyde Park) – Dublin was announced later. Having seen Taylor twice in 2014 on the Red tour (04/02/14 and 11/02/14) at the O2 in London, I loved the arena atmosphere, so attempted to get tickets to the first two dates, which I got!

Despite the gig not being until Tuesday (23/06/15), we decided to stay for two nights in both Glasgow and Manchester, to compensate for the driving involved (and for me leaving my Gran in hotels for two nights).

After arriving at our hotel (which wasn’t very nice) I had plans to meet a YA author, E. Lockhart, whose book ‘We Were Liars’ I absolutely loved – and I planned to meet my friend Johnnie at the event (despite him not having read anything by her, and not even having heard of her – clearly he just wanted to see me!) Before the event, Granny and I explored Glasgow’s shops for a couple of hours and had dinner at Pizza Hut, and then met Johnnie outside Waterstones.

The event lasted about an hour, during which time E. Lockhart spoke about her new book ‘How To Be Bad’ (which I read only days before) and her other books, before she opened it to the floor for a Q&A. It was really interesting to hear the insights of another YA author, having been to a Sarah J. Maas event in May, and learning about the publishing industry and the life of a published author. Afterwards there was a book signing, and I got all four of my books signed, each with different dedications and stamps, along with free bookmarks and a photo. It was a really awesome event – and it was lovely to see Johnnie too!


On the Tuesday (the day of the gig) we had a relaxing day, strolling along the Clyde, and having lunch in a restaurant by the river. Before long it was time for me to get ready for the concert, dressed in a full Starbucks uniform, complete with a “Starbucks Lovers” sign, lovingly made by me.


Doors opened at 6:00pm, and everything from getting into the arena, to collecting my VIP pack, to attempting to purchase merchandise or meet Taylor Nation was met with huge queues – so much so that I didn’t manage the latter two, and I still missed all but the support act, Vance Joy’s last song, Riptide.


There was a half hour interval before the lights went down and Taylor took the stage – cue erratic screaming from me!


As usual, I scored amazing tickets – 5th row on the floor – and so I had an unbelievable view of the gig (although it’s absolutely true that there are no bad seats at a Taylor Swift concert!)


Taylor performed every song from the deluxe version of ‘1989’, with the exception of ‘Wonderland’, as well as a few older songs – and it was all perfect (although I seemed to be seated amongst less crazy TayTay fans, who didn’t sing along/jump around for much of the gig. Not that that bothered me, I still went for it!)


Cheesy as it sounds, Taylor makes me so happy! She is literally so cute, and as with the Red Tour gave some empowering speeches.


The entire gig was absolutely amazing, full of energy and ‘Style’ and just so fun! One day, I’ll meet her and say thank you. One day.


#7 Taylor Swift (23/06/15) *****

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