We Danced All Night

On Saturday (06/06/15), the day after the 5 Seconds of Summer gig, Lucinda and I drove to Cardiff for our second gig in two days: One Direction (for the 3rd time) – 5SOS was the warm up act!

Despite a minor issue finding somewhere to park, we were in the city around four hours before gates opened. After a trip to Primark (where remarkably I didn’t buy anything), we spent the next couple of hours in a cafe in a shopping centre, people watching and avoiding the madness that was imminent.

It took us a good half hour to find our gate, followed by a minorly heated debate about jumping the queue as we had seated tickets (unlike the majority who were standing and had to get wristbands – we managed to skip the queue), and then 40 minutes to queue for merchandise, only to find out they had sold out of what we were after, before we were on our way to our seats.

The last two times we saw 1D we had pretty terrible seats – the kind where you can hardly see who’s on the stage, but thankfully at the 3rd try I secured great ones – especially for an arena the size of the Millennium Stadium.

Lucinda and I were equally as excited for the support band as One Direction themselves: McBusted!


McBusted were amazing as always (it was my 6th time seeing them) but not enough people were excited about them (what with it being a 1D concert and all) but Lucinda and I still had a good time.

After a mass macarena (like Wembley last year) and half a dozen Mexican waves, it was time for One Direction to take the stage – minus Zayn.


1D put on a great (perhaps even better) show without Zayn. I’m in no way disappointed he’s left. They performed the vast majority of their hits, along with some lesser known songs, and it was so much fun – although there were many, many more young kids at this show, so the atmosphere (at least where we were sitting) was somewhat subdued.

Lucinda and I left halfway through the final song, ‘Best Song Ever’, and sprinted the half-mile to the car. Thankfully it was worth it as we were one of the first out of the car park, and even then it took almost an hour to move a mile.

We both had such an amazing, memory filled couple of days. Love you Lu! Who do you want to see next?!

#6 One Direction (06/06/15) ****

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