Don’t Stop

On Friday (05/06/15) I went to my 5th gig of the year: 5 Seconds of Summer. This particular concert was in Birmingham, and with a gig in Cardiff the following day (06/06), my friend and regular concert buddy Lucinda made a weekend of it.

I drove to Birmingham, and met Lucinda at our hotel, where we had a quick catch up (since we hadn’t seen each other in five or six weeks) and a change of clothes, before heading off to the Sea Life centre, because what 21-year-old passes up the opportunity to see penguins?!


The Sea Life centre was great fun – we saw penguins, all kinds of fish, rays, sharks, sea turtles, otters, jellyfish and more. There was also a 4D cinema, which was as bad an idea as always (they always terrify me) but still made us laugh.

After we’d finished being big kids, we went to Pizza Express for dinner, before heading back to our hotel for a couple of hours to relax before the concert.

We decided we weren’t bothered about the support band (we still heard the latter part of it) so we arrived at the Barclaycard Arena around 7:45pm, bought our customary wristbands and took our seats.


5SOS performed almost their entire album, which passed in a blur of screams from the thousands of teenage girls – we felt old by comparison! They played all my favourite songs, but they seemed to rock them up somewhat – I sound old now!


A mention here has to go to the amazing evening we had after the show (which was great), lying in bed laughing until gone 3am. These are the nights you remember!

#5 5 Seconds of Summer (05/06/15) ***

5 thoughts on “Don’t Stop

      1. I totally get it! A few years ago i went with my niece to london to see miley cirus, and there were all early teens, but i knew all the lyrics…

        But i don’t get why most of the 5 SOS fans are kids… I mean, they are not a boy band.

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