Finishing University and Meeting Sarah J Maas

Yesterday (26/05/15) was a momentous day for me. At 9am I sat my final undergraduate exam, and at just gone 11am I handed in my 11,000 word (29,000 words with appendices) dissertation – meaning I have officially finished my degree!


I didn’t get chance to have a rest, as I had a train to catch before midday, bound for Salisbury and the International Arts Festival, to meet Sarah J Maas. Unfortunately, when I got to the station, I realised I forgot my ticket – cue mad panic on the train as I purchased another one (thankfully they were still available).

The event was “A Conversation with Sarah J Maas”. She was interviewed, introduced her book “A Court of Thorns and Roses”, and her other series “A Throne of Glass” and spoke about what influenced her. It was extremely interesting, and she genuinely seems like the loveliest person – and she writes amazing novels!


After the interview, which included time for an audience Q&A, there was a book signing. Thankfully I remembered to take all five of my books, and amazingly, she signed them all – including a dedication on ACOTAR.


What a day.

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