Bring It All Back

Yesterday (16/05/15), after approximately 15 years of waiting, I finally got to see my favourite childhood band, S Club 7, live in concert.

The particular package I purchased for the show (which was ridiculously expensive) included a Meet and Greet with the band, so after two hours of queuing to collect my ticket, register as a VIP, and collecting my signed lanyard and a keyring, I was finally in the queue to meet S Club 7. Whilst in the first queue, I unexpectedly bumped into a friend from school, Melissa, who was on the same package (along with her Mum) as I was. Considering I was on my own, and I hadn’t seen her in about a year, it was nice to catch up (and have someone to talk to through all the queuing!

When my turn finally came around to meet them, I went in for a group hug with Bradley, Jo and Tina, but since I’m not very tall, my armspan is not very wide, so I ended up catching Tina in the face – sorry about that. After basically punching a minor celebrity, I hugged Hannah, who said “she’s very excited” and Rachel, had my photos taken and then hugged Jon and Paul – so yeah, I hugged every member of S Club 7! I totally fangirled.


Meet and Greet over, we were shepherded into the arena, where we had about an hour and a half to wait until the support act, AJ Lehrman. He had a DJ who “performed” for about ten minutes prior to AJ, and he was absolutely one of the worst support acts I’ve ever seen! Thankfully AJ was better – and pretty darn cute too!


Then at 8.45pm, S Club 7 took the stage to the wild screams and applause (though not as loud as some gigs I’ve been to – I expect that was because I was in the front row, rather than immersed in the crowd) of their 20+ year old fans!


They performed all their hits, along with elaborate dance routines, and each member individually (or dually) took to the stage to perform a solo (or duet) during the middle of the concert – these included songs from when members went solo after the band broke up. Of course, the biggest cheers went to the likes of “Reach”, “Bring It All Back” and “Don’t Stop Movin'”.


I had an unobstructed view – except for the infrequent camera as is panned across to film for the big screens – which was unbelievable! I was surprised that they didn’t utilise the B stage as most artists do, but perhaps it didn’t afford them the required space (I’m not complaining – it meant that they were right in front of me the entire time, it was just unexpected).


The whole show was full of good-old gooey cheese, exactly what I expected from my childhood heroes of the late 90s/early 00s. One thing’s for sure, it was worth the 15 year wait!

#4 S Club 7 (16/05/15) *****

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