Yesterday (26/04/15), Mum finally got to redeem her Christmas present from me: to see Olly Murs in concert. I bought the tickets on Amazon pre-sale in October/November 2014, and I got excellent seats, about 10 rows from both the main stage and the B stage. This was the first time either Mum or I had seen the cheeky Essex X-Factor singer, so we were both excited.

Initially we went to the wrong Birmingham arena, but an hour later we arrived at the correct venue (my bad) – after a four hour total drive! As a result we missed all but the last song of the support act, Ella Eyre, but on the plus side, it meant that Olly was on after only a 30 minute wait.

Terrible excited selfie!


As is all too common, the sound was slightly distorted (I assume the sound crew got the balance between Olly’s mic and the backing track wrong) but it didn’t detract too much from the performance.


The crowd was rather relaxed compared to most gigs I’ve been to – there was little to no bouncing or screaming song lyrics, which was slightly disappointing (maybe Olly’s fans are a little more refined than Swifties and KatyCats?!) Regardless, it was still a good show! He played the vast majority of his singles, and his band was incredible.

#3 Olly Murs (26/04/15) ****

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