Get Over It

Yesterday (10/04/15) I went to my second concert of the year – McBusted at Cardiff Motorpoint Arena. It was my 5th time seeing the supergroup! I went with my brother, Joe, who I’ve been to the other four McBusted gigs with, my friend Lucinda, who I’ve been with once, and Joe’s friend Jake.

As is becoming usual with my increasingly hectic life (thanks dissertation), the date rolled around before I could even believe it. Unfortunately I forgot the tickets were e-tickets, so I didn’t download and print them until we were due to leave, and because of that moment of relative insanity, I forgot to take my point-and-shoot camera, so was stuck with my iPhone for the whole concert – and I think we all know how useless they are when it comes to taking photos in the dark, so I can count the number of photos I have that are halfway decent on one hand. I’m sure I’ll get over it. I did take a couple of selfies, one of which Lucinda and I got photobombed in – amazing!


Since this was McBusted’s second tour, and having recorded an album together last year, they performed several songs that we hadn’t heard on the previous occasions. These received a great reception from the crowd, but nothing compared to the McFly and Busted classics.


Because we arrived relatively late (7.30pm), we were standing near the back of the venue, but that wasn’t an issue because McBusted had a B-Stage only metres away.


McBusted always put on a great show, and you can tell they’re having so much fun whilst doing so – and it was just fun to hang out with friends, sing and dance and go crazy for a couple of hours (even if I don’t have the photos I usually would have as memories!)

We left during the final couple of minutes of the show to make a quick getaway (once we got stuck in the car park for an hour), and once we were in the car, we chanced upon Harry Judd (McBusted’s drummer), who was obviously also keen to get home – Joe spotted him – so I opened the window, made a face and he made the ‘rock on’ sign, smiled and waved at us all! That definitely topped off a great evening.

#2 McBusted (10/04/15) ****

NB. Props to my Dad for driving us to Cardiff and back! You rock.

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